Holiday review by Mrs Sam Taylor

Name: Mrs Sam Taylor

Date of trip: 26/04/2013

Number of people: 2

We were extremely lucky to witness a baby turtles try to leave the nest (in day light) and make the long journey down the beach to the sea. We all willed the them on, but understandably were not allowed to help any of them. It was heart breaking to watch as none of the hundred or so turtles made it as they were taken by frigate birds. Nature at its sweetest and cruelest at the same time, something I will never forget.

The fish market on Santa Cruz, is an entertaining afternoon, watching the fishermen bring in the catch, with the Sea Lions, Pelicans, Igunanas and Frigate Birds all trying to steal a tasty morsel. In the evening the place becomes an al fresco restaurant - food does not get any fresher.

Tribes Overall:

All the guides were very professional and knowledgeable. The food on board the yatch far exceeded my expectations as did the organisation and efficiency of transfers and meeting guides. I had a few inital reservations when we had been told we would get the finer details as to pick up times etc locally but it ran like clock work.

Tribes Service:

Paul was great at helping me plan the trip and squeeze in as much as possible. I had hoped for a more details such as collection times for the transfers to Bella Vista and for the trips booked privately on Isabela - but it was not a problem at all, at each accommodation there was a package waiting for us with all the details in and the guides were very professional and efficient, accommodating all our needs and beyond.


George at Bella Vista and Julio on Isbela were excellent their knowledge outstanding, very good English and their passion for their environment made them a total pleasure to be with. Juan on the Cachalote, handled a difficult job well trying to point out and identify things for the different interest groups, some were into animals and birds others vegetation, some wanted to dive others just wanted the sunshine. May be if he had just had a single interest group he may have been an excellent guide, but my husband and I quite often spotted wildlife and identified it before he had.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

It was impressive that all the guides were local as this meant they had a greater knowledge of the area and were more passionate about it.

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