Holiday review by Mr. Simon Mortimer

Name: Mr. Simon Mortimer

Date of trip: 07/08/2013

Number of people: 2

When we fist arrived at Victoria Falls, Wow! We entered the gates and heard the noise. Then seeing the falls through the trees, we both stopped in our tracks and looked in awe at the water. The whole experience there on the different trails was truly awesome! We went back again the next day to see it all over again.

On one of the morning game drives, our guide announced that a lion had been seen, but was quite far away, 'were we willing to go look?', yes we all cheered excitedly!. It was an hours drive away and we all admitted afterwards that we never though he would be able to find it. First we saw the vultures, and then, there it was, lying camouflaged under a tree. There was a communal gasp in the truck as we all sat quiet and pointed. Absolutely amazing!

Tribes Overall:

Overall this holiday was amazing. We kept using the words 'Wow!' and 'Amazing'. Bushways travel were fantastic. All arrangements were in place, staff were professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout. It certainly lived up to our expectations, in fact it exceeded those expectations. It really was a fantastic experience, living up to that 'holiday of a lifetime'. A great adventure.

Tribes Service:

We cannot give enough praise for Tribes travel, and will certainly recommend them to everyone we know. Tracy Edwards was absolutely fantastic in helping us, especially with answering some of our pre-holiday daft questions! We really loved some of the touches like the travel wallet, but especially the beautiful photograph album which we received in the post today. Everything about Tribes travel was great, thank you.


Our guide and our cook were brilliant. Very helpful, very professional, very good. They really did seem to go over and above to make sure our experience was enjoyable and safe. His tracking, his driving and what he knew about the flora and fauna was just first class!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We believe that these kind of holidays do benefit the local people in terms of the employment opportunities and consumerism.

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