Holiday review by Mrs Rebecca Bissell

Name: Mrs Rebecca Bissell

Date of trip: 11/05/2013

Number of people: 2

It was incredible to watch a cheetah kill, we had been tracking the cheetah for a couple of days and then had to give up and come back to the camp but our fantastic tracker spotted them on our way back. It was wonderful to see three brothers all relaxing but then they got up, started to stalk and then they flew after an impala and we flew with them in our vehicle - AMAZING!!

Traveling back to the camp at night we came across three lionesses relaxing, then one got up and we decided to see where she went... the lioness had found a pangolin and was trying to eat it!! Three times we watch her pounce on it, try to eat it and then get bored! It was tense times but thankfully in the end the pangolin got away - they move so much faster than you think they should!

Tribes Overall:

Our honeymoon was fantastic, we loved Botswana and all of the camps we went to were special but also all different. We didn't want to come home and can't wait to go back!

Tribes Service:

Hannah was very helpful throughout the whole time.


All of our guides were brilliant, they were all so friendly had excellent knowledge of the areas and the animals we were searching for. We couldn't believe how fantastic their eyesight was when tracking!!

The places you stayed