Holiday review by Ms. Jane Dundas

Name: Ms. Jane Dundas

Date of trip: 26/01/2013

Number of people: 2

The wonderful driver Praveen Shibu who kept us safe and treated us like family. The Tirrur river trip with our guide Prakesh who was wonderfully interesting and thanks to the tribal people for welcoming us into their tiny tea shop. One of the sons had studied at Glasgow Uni!

The empty and pristine beach at Chera Rocks and the kind attention of Ali who woke us with tea at 4.30 am when we were leaving and shone the torch all the way up the steps. The incredible Nila drummers, their kindness and hospitality and passion for their art Most of all the people of Kerala who made us so welcome

Tribes Overall:

It was an unforgettable introduction to India, the people we met in rural communities were particularly welcoming

Tribes Service:

All the team were quick and responsive and I would use this company again without hesitation


The driver Praveen made all the difference to our holiday, he was truly brilliant on those terrifying roads
The guides Rateesh and Prakesh were superb
The first day it was unneccessary to have a guided tour we were too tired and didn\'t think much of the guide - would have been better to stay another day in Cochin and do our own thing

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I hope that we were able to show that we valued the indigenous culture and people. It gave me a real insight into the complicated social structure which is not necessarily a good thing, we stayed with privileged Brahmins so our experience was a bit skewed
I wish that something more could be done to encourage people to recycle plastic

The places you stayed