Holiday review by Natalie

Name: Natalie

Date of trip: 09/12/2012

Number of people: 2

We were driving back to the hotel after an excellent game drive. All of a sudden we noticed a group of elephants close to the road. They crossed the road just a few metres from us. We had to stay quiet and wait until all of them passed. Our driver was ready to start driving in case they would focus our attention too much on us. It was a great moment!

We were moving a bit closer to see an elephant when we suddenly noticed that a group of lions was resting just a few metres away from us! It was both scary and exciting!

Tribes Overall:

It was a great mix of relaxing and more active activities. The great thing is that we didn't see another tourist until we got to Zanzibar. Unlike other parks, we did not circle around animals with ten cars at the same time. We had the whole experience to ourselves.

Tribes Service:

Yes, definitely a positive experience. The consultant was very helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had.


All the staff of the places we stayed, the drivers, the guides,... were all very nice people. They were very friendly. The guides knew so much about the wildlife and nature.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I definitely felt the difference with other holidays. The hotels were much more environmentally responsible and they benefited the local communities.
I still had a feeling that more could be done to benefit local communities. The majority of the staff, usually the waiters etc, came from Dar es Salaam. I understand why, because they need to speak English and have certain skills, but I guess it would benefit the local community more if more local people were employed. Perhaps, they could be trained, or sent to hospitality school? Staff such as cleaning personnel or gardening personnel was usually local.
Of course environmentally friendly safari trucks would be great as well, but I'm not sure if those exist already.

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