Holiday review by Mr. Rodney Sanderson

Name: Mr. Rodney Sanderson

Date of trip: 03/11/2012

Number of people: 2

The Taj Magal is a wonderfull memorial and the man how built it must have loved is wife so much .

The Tiger in Bandhavgarh was stuning can not attach so will email photoes

Tribes Overall:

We had a great time - big cultural diferance great -Varanasi just somthing else not to be missed on any Indian trip have not been anywhere like it on trips in the world

Tribes Service:

All things required where there but too much paper work . Please think about advising others that entry exit forms require the state you are entering hard to find on the plane


All very welcoming and all awaiting our arrival. Driving Indian style . Guides warm and friendly with lots of knowledge very good even had phone call from head office to ask if all was going well

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

We feel it helped us appreciate the indian culture more . the Indian people likewise wanted to talk, take photos with us and we hope got the impression English people are OK

The places you stayed