Holiday review by Mr. Philip Messent

Name: Mr. Philip Messent

Date of trip: 28/12/2012

Number of people: 2

We particularly enjoyed our stay with the two Brahmin homestays, Nambu and Uma at Koombery and Praveen and Vidia at Maranat Mana,who gave us a rich introduction into local culture and beliefs in tranquill surroundings seeped in history.

Tribes Overall:

It was a great mix of culture and relaxation; we got something out of every step of the way, and felt very well looked after by Blueyonder

Tribes Service:

We struggled as you know with getting a visa - a note of warning about potential problems involved could have helped to prepare us ( not having a British passport or the very demanding requiremwents of evidence of residence proved problematic).


Both drivers and guides all charming and helpful. One rather duff note was a last minute replacement guide at Koombery who took us on a boat ride and who knew nothing about the area, so was entirely surplus to requirements!

The places you stayed