The eye of the tiger, India

Tiger, tiger, burning bright

See tigers in the wild. The sheer beauty, power and majesty of the tiger is simply magnificent.

The eye of the tiger, India

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Watching tigers

Out in the wild, the moment when you spot even a glimpse of a fiery orange striped body your heart really does skip a beat!  Even though most Indian wildlife safaris have a strong focus on tigers, you still do have to work at finding them. When you do find them, it might not be a private experience, but it will be magical.

There are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild and most of these are Bengal tigers, found on the Indian subcontinent. It’s a shocking fact that even though this is such a prized animal in the hearts of so many of us, the tiger is a rare and endangered creature.

  • Your permits help towards conservation
  • Tiger numbers in India & Nepal are on the increase
  • A choice of places to go in search of timers
  • A unique and unforgettable experience
  • Keep a look out for other wildlife
  • Combine your tiger safari with other India/Nepal hotspots
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Tigers in the wild

"We came around the bend and saw a magnificent tigress lying across the track where she remained for a full five minutes."

Tiger safaris: Thoughtful tiger, India © JWebster

The future....

Responsible tiger tourism offers hope for their survival though as the money you pay to the parks helps with their conservation (though we probably all accept that not all the money ends up in quite the right place!). More than this though, the very fact that tourism brings money into the wider economy helps preserve tigers and their habitat.