Wild dog in Savuti, Botswana

The fascinating antics of a pack of wild dogs

Wild dogs are endangered. If you are lucky enough to see them in the wild, it's a special experience that you will never forget.

Wild dog in Savuti, Botswana

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See wild dogs in their natural habitat

Call them what you wish -- wild dogs, painted wolves, African hunting dogs or lycaon pictus -- but do try to see wild dogs if you get a chance. They are such a lovely sight. And wild dogs in Africa are an endangered species, so it's actually a very special wildlife sighting too.

Wild dogs are pack animals so when you see one, you usually see many more. Packs of up to 40 individuals are not unheard of, though these large packs are becoming more rare.

The exciting thing about a wild dogs safari is the interaction between all the pack. They 'talk' to each other, they play together, they share hunting and any food they catch, they look after the young and the old members of their pack. It is truly enthralling to watch.

  • Observe the pack dynamics
  • Watch them interacting and 'talking'
  • Check out their individual markings
  • See wild dogs at play
  • Being in their company is a rare treat
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Wild dogs in Africa

"We met a family of wild dogs, exciting enough, but then 17 puppies erupted from the den when the alpha male came to feed them"

Wild dogs in Zimbabwe © ©JBennett,Shutterstock

When to go

It is possible to see wild dogs at any time of the year. However,  you generally stand a better chance of spotting them around denning time and when they have young pups, as they tend to stay in one spot for longer. Whilst they can have pups at any time, the most common time is from around late June to September, so this is a good time to consider.

How to do it

We have a lovely itinerary called Falling for Wild Dogs, but we can tailor make any itinerary for you to include giving you the best chance of seeing wild dogs.