White-water rafting in Nepal

One of the world's premier river rafting destinations

Perhaps unexpected, but Nepal is considered, by those in the know, as one of the prime white water rafting spots in the world!

White-water rafting in Nepal

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River rafting in Nepal for all ages and abilities

There are about nine rivers used for whitewater rafting in Nepal. Rafting experiences here vary from easy beginners’ routes with just enough excitement to make it fun, to the full-on and downright breathtaking rafting routes for real adrenalin junkies.

In terms of length of trip, you can take rafting trips of a couple of hours up to many days.

A great trip for people wanting a bit of adventure, but having little or no experience, is a 1-day rafting trip on the Trisuli River. A nice way to do this is to start rafting in the afternoon, then camp on the riverbanks overnight, then continue the next morning. This fits in particularly nicely if you’re travelling from Kathmandu to Chitwan, as you can do this on the way.

  • Soak up the adventure
  • Get your adrenalin pumping
  • Enjoy the experience as a family
  • Take in the natural surroundings
  • Simply put, just enjoy!
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Client Rating for Nepal 5/5 from 14 reviews

"A very enjoyable trip down the river and camping under the stars"

Tribes directors, Amanda & Guy Marks, did the Trisuli overnight trip with their children, so if you want to chat about it, by all means call to talk to one of them.

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How to do it

Rafting trips can last anything from a day to 10 days, and can vary between a gentle river experience suitable for children and beginners to a full-on white water adventure with world-class rapids. The rafts used are inflatable rubber boats which can take up to 8 people and a river guide.

When to do it

There are 3 main rafting seasons in Nepal: spring (February to the end of May), summer (mid-June to the end of August) and autumn (September to mid-December). Rivers flow at their fastest after the annual monsoon rains (June to August).

Where to go

There are many rivers where you can go rafting in Nepal. We recommend a 2-day rafting trip on the Trisuli River, between Kathmandu and Chitwan.