• Toucan in the Amazon, Bolivia

    Toucan in the Amazon, Bolivia

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  • Red howelr monkey, Pampas, Bolivia

    Red howelr monkey, Pampas, Bolivia

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  • Pink river dolphin

    Pink river dolphin

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Bolivia's biodiverse Amazon

Explore Bolivia's steamy Amazon rainforest staying in a remote jungle lodge, or take a short trip to the wetlands of the pampas.

Exploring Bolivia's Amazon

If someone mentions the Amazon, the first country that usually springs to mind is Brazil, however Bolivia is also well placed to offer the discerning traveller a glimpse of this magnificent and diverse ecosystem. And on the outskirts of the Amazon is a rich wetland area known as the Pampas (not to be confused with the dry Argentinian pampas) which also offers a glimpse of the wildlife of the Amazon.

Rurrenabaque, on the banks of the Rio Beni, is the small frontier town that serves as the gateway for tours visiting the Bolivian Amazon region of Madidi. There’s a choice of hotels catering for a range of budgets and a smattering of friendly restaurants, bars and shops catering for tourist’s needs – this is where your Bolivian Amazon adventure starts.

  • Explore the rich landscape of savannah, swamp and jungle
  • Seek out the diverse wildlife
  • Spend time visiting a local community
  • Rare animals included the maned wolf and pink river dolphin
  • Over 850 species of birds have been recorded here
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Amazon or pampas?

The Bolivian Amazon is not as well-known as Brazil's Amazon but it really is an incredible rainforest experience.

Bolivia's pampas is nothing like the Argentinian pampas. It is a wetland region on the edge of the Amazon basin, and its lack of the lush dense trees you find in the Amazon makes wildlife-viewing easier here than in the Amazon itself.

We'd recommend visiting the Amazon for a more authentic and less busy rainforest experience. A 3-5 night stay at a jungle lodge will be a memorable few days. However, if you have less time and a lower budget, you will see more wildlife in less time by visiting the pampas.

Tour guide in Madidi National Park, Amazon, Bolivia © MRehak,Shutterstock

Bolivia's Amazon rainforest

A stay at a jungle lodge in the Amazon is an incredible experience. Based at a lodge such as Chalalan EcoLodge you can explore with guides see some of the prolific birdlife here as well as trying to spot the larger mammals and other wildlife. Caiman, spider monkeys, pink river dolphins, tapirs, capybara . . .
The jungle treks can be quite physically demanding, hot and humid, so make sure you have good footwear and proper hiking clothing.
You will learn about biodiversity, medicinal plants, survival in the jungle, fishing and you’ll get a genuine experience of the Bolivian Amazon.

When to go

The best time to visit is the dry season from (April)/May to October (November). You’ll find more wildlife attracted to the river and the added bonus of fewer mosquitos.


We can tailor your Amazon trip to suit your budget. Many of our partners plough the profits back into conservation work in the area, so your hard-earned money goes towards worthy projects and keeping this important biodiverse region for generations to come.