• Gaia, a chimpanzee at Gombe, Tanzania

    Gaia, a chimpanzee at Gombe, Tanzania

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  • Mahale chimp family, Tanzania

    Mahale chimp family, Tanzania

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  • 'Babyface' the chimp, Budongo, Uganda

    'Babyface' the chimp, Budongo, Uganda

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  • Mahale chimp hand and foot, Tanzania

    Mahale chimp hand and foot, Tanzania

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  • Baby chimp at Gombe, Tanzania

    Baby chimp at Gombe, Tanzania

    © AGMarks

  • Watching chimps, Uganda

    Watching chimps, Uganda

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Chimpanzee trekking: a unique and rewarding experience

You tend to hear them before you see them. Their cries and hoots fill the forest and your heart pounds.

Watching chimpanzees in the wild

From the moment you first hear the chimpanzees, you're adrenalin will start pumping. You'll pick up your pace eager to catch your first glimpse as the forest reverberates with their cries and hoots, and the sounds hit your chest giving you an almost primeval feeling.

  • See chimpanzees in their natural habitat
  • Spend up to one hour with our closest cousins
  • Enjoy the thrill of tracking
  • Hike through pristine natural forest
  • An experience to remember forever
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Chimpanzee trekking in Africa

" We’d come out at a small clearing with a huge boulder in the middle. A mother chimp, Kupi, was sitting there on the rock grooming her boisterous baby in the sun. My heart was beating so fast I could hear it. "

Watch our short video

See our lovely video of chimp trekking in Gombe and Mahale in Tanzania.

Where to go

We have researched chimp trekking in many places, but our top recommendations would be Gombe or Mahale in Tanzania, or Kibalie or Budongo in Uganda. Wherever you can see chimps, though, take the opportunity. It’s magical.

KENYA: Sweetwaters Chimp Sanctuary is in Ol Pejeta Conservancy

RWANDA: Nyungwe Forest has habituated chimps.

TANZANIA: On Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania, you can go chimp trekking in Mahale Mountains National Park or Gombe National Park. Gombe is where Dr Jane Goodall researched chimps for many years.

UGANDA: Kibali Forest, Semliki, Budongo (near Murchison Falls) or Kyambura Gorge (near Queen Elizabeth NP) all have habituated wild chimps. Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary is on Lake Victoria near Entebbe.

When to go

You can go chimp trekking at any time, but it’s much more difficult and uncomfortable in the rainy season of April and May.