• Guanacos at Valdes Peninsular, Argentina

    Guanacos at Valdes Peninsular, Argentina

    © AIzzotti,Shutterstock

  • White-cheeked pintail, Patagonia, Argentina

    White-cheeked pintail, Patagonia, Argentina

    © AEsmoris,Shutterstock

  • Stunning birdlife in Patagonia, Argentina

    Stunning birdlife in Patagonia, Argentina

    © Buenaventura,Shutterstock

  • Caiman in Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

    Caiman in Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

    © MRehak,Shutterstock

  • Magellanic penguins, Argentina

    Magellanic penguins, Argentina

    © TKotouc,Shutterstock

  • Marsh deer in Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

    Marsh deer in Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

    © MRehak,Shutterstock

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It's not just about tango and steaks, Argentina is rich in wildlife.

Home to monkeys, maned wolves, capybaras, river otters and much, much more

The rich wildlife of Argentina

When asked about Argentina, tango and steak might be the first things that spring to mind, but each region of this fascinating country is also home to some incredible wildlife.  Every different area has something to offer, so even if you are only visiting one or two areas of this diverse destination, there will be wildlife.

You have the Wetlands in the north east, Argentina's equivalent of Brazil's Pantanal. This area is home to caiman, turtles, swamp deer, capybaras, monkeys, maned wolves, armadillos, river otters and around 350 species of birds.

Patagonia is a biodiverse gem indeed. Enter left the Patagonian hare which is the size of a small deer but is actually a rodent. It’s also home to the not so cuddly Patagonian lancehead, a venomous snake that inhabits the dry areas and is only found in Argentina.  Difficult to spot, but oh so beautiful, is the elusive puma, Patagonia’s apex predator.

  • Plenty of biodiversity
  • Over 350 species of birds in the Wetlands
  • Majestic condors in the western mountains
  • Track pumas in Patagonia
  • Superb marine life off the Valdes Peninsula
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That's not all..... there's more

Flaningoes in Argentina's Patagonia © Dmitry,Shutterstock


The Andean flamingo, a rare bird indeed, is native to the north west high Andes. They are distinguished from the James Flamingo by the black plumage above their tail, their yellow legs and the colouring of the beak which is much paler yellow with a black tip.

So you see, step out of the city, away from the tango and steaks, and Argentina is a worthy wildlife destination for all nature lovers.