Kilimanjaro – she did it!

Here we are! We made it, all the way to the summit! Months and months of training and planning and here we are standing at Uhuru Peak at a whopping 5895m. It’s an incredible feeling to finally have made it to the top, especially after the long, hard slog up, the headaches and dizziness. But wow, it has been completely worth it in every way.

Back-tracking a few days; we set off in the rain forest from a mere 1800m on day 1, all eager and excited about what was to come. The first few days were hard going but pleasant, the scenery ever changing and we were all trying to catch a glimpse through the clouds of the peak which we knew was looming above us! We didn’t have wait too long since our first camp was just at the cloud break and from there onwards we had bright sunny days every day, always with the peak, majestic and beautiful as it was, looking down at us growing more and more daunting with every step.

Tracy heading up Kilimanjaro
Tracy heading up Kilimanjaro

I could go on to tell you about some of the effects of altitude and how tough the summit was but that would take me too long! So instead I will tell you that the summit was hard! No not just hard, probably one of the toughest things I have done, both mentally and physically. BUT, the sense of achievement of literally being on the roof of Africa was overwhelming! It made all the headaches, dizziness and nausea seem to fade into nothingness because we had made it. We set the goal, we achieved it and now we’re planning our next challenge! Suggestions welcome……!

Finally, I want to say a few thank yous. Firstly to my husband Ryan who came and conquered it with me. I don’t think I would have made it without him. Secondly to my directors, Guy and Amanda Marks, who gave me the opportunity for all this in the first place. And lastly to Jay Close from TheBarn300 whose training and hard work gave us the determination to push to the summit!

Amanda Marks - Author

Amanda Marks is a founder and director of Tribes Travel. She believes travel opens hearts and minds.

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