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Holiday review by Dr Robert Climie

Date of trip: 07/01/2019
Number of people: 2
Country: Tanzania

Overall level of Satisfaction

Tribes Overall: "Hi Amanda -had a fabulous time. Moshi was a pleasant place to spend a few days at a conference, felt safe and had good restaurants. The safari bit was really great -we saw everything we had hoped to see and more. There were several long drives between the various venues - but that comes with the territory - and there was always something interesting to see near the roadside or fabulous scenery..."
Tribes Service: "Think Tracy smashed the brief. Excellent itinerary . Vamoose app very helpful . "
Guides: "Peter our guide was fun to be with had a good sense of humour, good English and somehow spotted animals /birds that we would never have seen - although we did get better -it is amazing how an enormous animal like a giraffe is so difficult to see behind a skinny acacia. His driving was excellent and was matched by his knowledge."
Social & Environmental Responsibility: "We certainly benefitted the local wine/ beer and vodka suppliers - and as tourism is clearly the no.1 industry, the country generally. Not sure the animals benefitted from us - and 11 other Toyota Land Cruisers - surrounding them at times but they didn't seem to be unduly bothered and I'm sure if there were no tourists there would be no game reserves."


Bougainvillea Safari Lodge
Very pleasant place to stay . Not in a wildlife area so no great views but well run, good food, nice chalet and a pool.
Tarangire Safari Lodge
Fantastic views from the terrace, great sundowners, service spot on, food excellent. Chalet/tent hybrid very comfortable Would be happy to have my ashes scattered here!

Our Memories

"Really just a snapshot .... Seeing Kilimanjaro from the plane People carrying massive bunches of bananas on their heads with perfect balance. Three people -barefoot with no helmets - riding pillion on a motorbike 'taxi' - makes Italian scooterists seem quite sensible. Our first game sighting - Pumbas! Elephants in Tarangire having a bath. Impala just outside our tent at Tarangire ( although if they can get there so can lions and leopards!) Drive from Tarangire to Manyara through villages where all the children called and waved ( and were very grateful for biscuits- hope they have good dentists) and realising this was effectively the Garden of Eden - didn't see Adam, Eve or any snakes though. Seeing two cheetah catching a small Wildebeest - and then watching them for an hour while they cooled down ( don't they have ice baths?) before starting to eat it. Seeing black Rhino in Ngorongoro - hope that will still be possible in the future. Watching male lions fighting off the females who were keen to join in the feast. Coming across a dead Wildebeest - died from snakebite?- that was being attacked by about 30 vultures none of which had heard of queuing ,which were then chased off by some hyenas. Seeing a leopard in the Serengeti which we had hoped to but never really expected to see. Finding a secretary bird close to the road which looked like it was about to run away then stamped its feet on a rat ,scooped it up and swallowed it whole. Seeing the masses of wildebeest and zebra chugging across the plains and running across the roads. The non -trendy animals which were just as interesting as the big five - pumbas baboons antelope gazelles mongoose giraffe jackals bat eared foxes and the Sisyphean dung beetles!! etc etc - which you just came across without other jeeps / americans nearby. Chatting to our guide and listening to him talking to the other drivers when we passed - will have to learn Swahili next time so we know what they're saying !! (suspect 'nimekuwa na mallori ya idiots kama kawaida' might have been a common phrase-obviously from the other drivers). Flora - baobabs acacia trees and generally wonderful plants. Birds - if there had been no animals, the birds - vultures and eagles all manner of storks , flamingoes and tiny brightly coloured things which only flew a few feet when you disturbed them- the trip would have been worthwhile. "
"Listening to stupid Americans having inane conversations from an adjacent jeep(why are their voices so penetrating?) when the experience demanded silence was an unfortunate theme( as was Japanese girls screaming - luckily their drivers just drove off !)"

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facts and information

Time: GMT +3 hours

Flight time: Flights from UK to Tanzania take about 9 hours direct or 10-11 with a brief stopover en route if from Europe.

Language: Kiswahili and English are Tanzania's official languages. Although most people in the cities speak some English, a few phrases of Kiswahili are useful in more rural areas.

Visas: Most nationalities require a Tanzania visa, obtainable from the High Commission in London (or on arrival into International Airport.

Health: Most nationalities require a Tanzania visa, obtainable from the High Commission in London (or on arrival into International Airport.



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