Chamarel Falls. Mauritius

Ecotourism Holidays

Tribes is one of the early pioneers and global award-winners in ecotourism holidays and responsible travel.

Chamarel Falls. Mauritius

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Ecotourism Holidays

Ecotourism holidays or responsible travel are essentially forms of tourism that respect the places, wildlife and people of the destinations. They can involve visiting fragile environments and relatively undisturbed natural habitats, can benefit local people and preserve the natural world. These holidays are low-impact and small-scale alternative to standard commercial (mass) tourism.

Whether you call it ecotourism, responsible travel, eco-friendly holidays or sustainable tours, it doesn’t really matter. What is certain, though, is that Tribes loves to organise such trips. We are good at it and we’re recognised global award-winners for responsible holidays.

What makes a good ecotourism holiday?

  • The holidays have a strong feel-good factor for you. These are GREAT holidays!
  • Many people you meet will know that your presence is benefitting them, so you are usually met with happy, helpful people.
  • Most of the places you stay will have a strong regard for their environment, so you are helping to preserve the habitats you have come to see.
  • At Tribes, we know these trips and many of the people behind them well, and we care about your experience with them.

Clients tend to return from trips raving about the excellent and authentic experience they've had. Join our Tribe of people who travel with Respect.

The local companies you used along the way seem to have the highest wildlife/environmental policies available. All the guides totally respected the wildlife and environment.

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Mountain Guardians Lodge Trek in the Andes
Featured Holiday

Mountain Guardians Lodge Trek

5 days from £2000pp plus international flights.

A guided hike though varied and scenic terrain in the Andes staying in delightful mountain lodges and haciendas.

    • Hike through stunning volcanic Andean scenery.
    • Stay in comfy lodges and haciendas each night.
    • Reach the peak of Pasachoa (4,200m).
    • Get to the lowest peak of Ruminahui (4,600m).
    • Spot Andean condors, wild horses and other wildlife.
    • Enjoy gorgeous landscapes including glaciers and Limpiopungo Lake.
    • Choose from a 4 or 5 day itinerary without summiting Cotopaxi.
    • Take 8 days to include summiting Cotopaxi.
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Trekking through farmland in the Andes highllands
Featured Holiday

Trekking and Culture in Otavalo

4 days from £1700pp plus international flights.

Trek in the scenic lakes district in the Northern Andes of Ecuador, meeting local people and witnessing traditional skills and crafts.

    • See traditional skills and crafts
    • Spend time in Otavalo market
    • Enjoy amazing Andean vistas
    • Share lunch in a local house
    • Observe condors up close
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parrots in the rainforest
Featured Holiday

Rainforest and Galapagos

15 days from £7200pp plus international flights.

A wildlife adventure in two dramatically different environments. A true treat for nature lovers.

    • See the sites of colonial Quito
    • Stay in a lodge owned and run the local tribe
    • Explore the Amazon by dugout canoe
    • View birds from the canopy tower
    • Marvel at the wildlife of the Galapagos
    • See giant tortoises in their natural environment
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Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Featured Holiday

A Week in Costa Rica

8 days from £1550pp plus international flights.

A wonderful week of nature walks, forest hikes, wildlife watching and adventure in Costa Rica

    • Immerse yourself in the rainforest
    • Cross hanging bridges in the forest canopy
    • Soak in mineral-rich thermal springs
    • Enjoy the beaches of Manuel Antonio
    • See sloths, squirrel monkeys, toucans ...
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