Why do people choose to go on holiday to Peru?   Well I guess if you asked most travellers their answers would be that Peru holidays are all about …

  • Machu Picchu
  • The Inca trail
  • Cusco
  • Seeing incredible Inca architecture such as at Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuaman
  • Meeting the Peruvian people, find out about their culture, shop at their markets
  • The Andes
  • Visiting the Amazon rainforest
  • Seeing Lake Titicaca

Of course this is true, but this just scrapes the surface of what a holiday here is all about.   Until you get here you can’t explain the friendly atmosphere, the beauty of the Andean mountains, the proliferation of wildlife to be found in the rainforests at Manu and Tambopata, the uniqueness of stepping onto a floating reed island, the warmth of welcome you get from a homestay host on Amantani Island …

Sacred Valley in Peru

Peru can be a destination for very active people!  You can indeed walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, you can go whitewater rafting and cycling in the Sacred Valley, and you can go hiking in the Colca Canyon or kayaking on Lake Titicaca.

But there is always another way to see these sights.  Catch a train to Machu Picchu, take a motor boat to visit Lake Titicaca, have a private driver to take you to the Colca Canyon and see the condors rise up on the thermals.

And as for places to stay, well there is a lot of choice.  Certainly if you’re doing the out of the way hikes, you might think your only choice would be camping, but no, we can offer luxury lodge treks in the Andes!  And if a homestay on Amantani Island is not your cup of tea, stay in a spa retreat instead.

In Peru you can be pampered or challenged as you see those parts of this amazing country that interest you.   So really, Peru holidays are different things to different people, which is why talking to a tailor made company such as Tribes Travel is well worth it.  You get the holiday you really want.


Darren Matthews

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