The Luangwa Safari House resides in one of the last remaining unspoilt wilderness areas in Africa, the South Luangwa.  The family-style house sits gracefully on the edge of a lagoon where large herds of elephants often stop by for daily visits.  It’s a magical area with plenty of arm-chair game viewing opportunities for guests to enjoy.  It was just missing one thing; a hide for guests to observe the animals without being observed..until now that is.


Luckily, as the safari house celebrates 10 years of existence, they’ve also decided to add a traditional “hide” to their collection of safari activity offerings.

Luangwa-Safari-House new-hide-view


Emily from Robin Pope Safaris tells us all about the new hide:

“Luangwa House is the star of this week as it has received an “extension” in the form of half a shipping container, which we have modified and made into a hide. We have placed it in a very large hole in the ground using the crane on the Samil 50 truck whilst giraffes and elephants looked on.

Luangwa-Safari-House new hide


I stood right back slightly terrified of all that could go wrong but in it popped without a care in the world. We have placed the hide just in front of the deck next to the lagoon so that our guests will be able to walk down from the deck into the hide and be at ground level and will hopefully be taking some amazing photos of the elephants as they come to the lagoon to drink.

I myself cannot wait to find an empty day at Luangwa House to go and sit in the hide and give it a go for myself – don’t worry I will let you all know when I do and shall send photos to accompany it. For now though the only photos are of the process, which in its self was quite a spectators sport!”





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