Polly Nightingale

I happened across the Southern India beaches page on our website and read the following:

“Text to be written. If you get to this page, we’d be really grateful if you could remind us that we’ve omitted to write this!  Thanks.”

Ooops! Well, we never claimed to be perfect.

If you’ve ever created or maintained a website, you’ll know how much work is involved and how hard it is to keep everything up-to-date. It’s the old Forth Bridge syndrome. As soon as you’ve finished it, you have to start all over again. In other words, it’s an unending task. Mind you, the invention of some super new paint solved that particular problem. If only there was a website equivalent. For now, though, metaphorical paintbrush in hand, I’ll carry doggedly on.

Considering the amount of information on our website, we think we do pretty well. However, we are constantly adding and updating things and sometimes get interrupted mid-flow to attend to other matters. So, when looking at Tribes online, you may encounter the odd blip, a link that doesn’t work, rogue rampaging fonts, weird punctuation and the inevitable typo. The last are mostly mine, they’re my speciality, although I can’t claim the one above!

This is where you come in. We welcome your input! If, on browsing our site you see anything you think shouldn’t be there, or that doesn’t seem to make sense, looks odd or plain wrong, please let us know. There may well be a reason for it, but then again it may be an oversight or simple human error. Although all of us here look at the website every day, sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and, even between the 6 us, we can’t manage to check every single page as often as we’d like.

So we’d really appreciate it if you and your eagle eyes can help us keep our website as lovely as it ought to be. Thanks in advance for your help. Oh, and the Southern India beaches text is hunkory dory now – have a look!


Southern India beaches