OK, so we’ve been doing our regular boot camp sessions with Jay at The Barn300.  After starting at twice per week, we’re now attending three sessions and can’t believe the difference. We’ve noticed it in our strength, stamina and body shape but I have to say the biggest change is our appetites!!! We are eating like horses. It’s a good job we’re burning it off.

A muddy and exhausted Tribal Trio!!

Typical session includes running around obstacles in a field (often wet and muddy!) carrying a fireman’s hose or scaffold pole, interspersed with numerous press-ups, burpees, star jumps, etc.  Jay is great at keeping us on our toes – literally as well metaphorically. Just as we think we’ve achieved the target he’s set us, he adds another one!  But it all contributes to a great work-out and we all feel exhausted but proud at the end of it. To get some walking exercise, Ryan and I have been doing some local walks as well, the UFO trail in Rendlesham Forest being the most recent. Sadly no UFOs or weird phenomena were seen but walking 7 miles around the forest was certainly beneficial and very pleasant.

Ryan, not looking too fazed by the challenge ahead!

Sal, Ryan and I are happy to say our new boots have been walked in nicely and there has been no sign of blisters. We’ve also started collecting equipment – hiking poles, ski jackets, warm woolly hats, thermal vests, etc.  Although the climb only lasts 5 days, the climate goes from one extreme to another so we’ll start off in T shirts and shorts, but have to be prepared for minus 15 deg at the top. We are borrowing LOADS of items from various family members and friends and I think it’s slowly starting to sink in that we are getting quite close to the climb. 10 weeks and counting……!