Polly Nightingale

With autumn seemingly upon us and the school term getting into full swing we’re well and truly into the season of post-summer blues. As the nights start drawing in and the long dearth of bank holidays (the next one’s not till Christmas, sorry!), it’s hard not to easy to fall prey to the pervading sense of gloom.

But, in the words of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Jonesy from Dad’s Army, ‘don’t panic’! Help is at hand. This is just the time you can and should look ahead and start thinking about your next holiday! Be this a short break at half term, a family holiday over Christmas, a long weekend in the spring or next summer’s big vacation, now’s the time to dream – and plan.

Where to start?

With so many destinations easily accessible these days, it’s not always easy to decide. You have a good idea of when you want to go but not where, and that’s where we can help. We’ve created a handy When-to-go-where” guide.

Alternatively just visit the “where to go when” section on the Tribes website, with its month-by-month shortlists you’ll see our pick of the best places to visit and why. For instance, did you know that in December you can see the zebra migration in the Kalahari, witness the hatching of giant tortoise eggs in the Galapagos, bask in Mediterranean-style weather in South Africa’s winelands and cruise the backwaters in Kerala, to name but a few? Or that April is ideal for Jordan with lovely warm weather, great for High Atlas treks in Morocco and the best month to see shoebill storks in Zambia.


Why not take a look. If nothing else you can start dreaming about your holidays to ward off those winter blues. And of course, we’re here, just a phone call or email away. Our consultants – you’ll see their photos and bios on the website – are the cream of the crop, they know their destinations inside out, can’t wait to tell you about them and just love planning holidays.