The Inca Trail (4 day trek)

Permits sell quickly and all permits at the time of writing (Aug 30th) are sold out until early November 2011.  So how do you go about getting yours?

Well …

500 permits are issued for each day to trek the Inca Trail, however, this does include porters and guides so realistically there are only a couple of hundred for the tourists.

Permits for 2012 will go on sale sometime in early 2012.

Between January and March we won’t send you here because the weather is too bad and in fact the trail does get closed sometime in February anyway.  Because of the rains, the best time to trek is May to October with everyone seeming to trek in July and August.  If you can, we would recommend doing the Inca Trail in May/June or September/October.

So …

As soon as you know what dates you would like to do the Inca Trail, let us know and we will be ready to buy the permits when they come on sale.

NB: there are never any cancellation tickets / waiting lists available.  Once a permit has been sold, it is sold.  It is linked to the client via passport number so no chance re-allocating the permit should the original client not be able to trek.

Hope this has been useful.  If you would like to chat to one of our travel experts about this in more detail ask for Paul or Guy on 01473 890499


Guy Marks

Guy first caught the travel bug (amongst other things) when he drove from the UK to Cape Town in the early 80’s. His early career saw him involved in agriculture and culminated with a stint in the city as a commodity broker before he threw in the towel and made travel his life.