Polly Nightingale

A while ago I shared some photos of our office – a former dairy in rural Suffolk. In case you missed it, you can see it here: Welcome-milking-parlour/ Now I can show you some what we glimpse through the windows! The garden here backs on to fields and we get visits from creatures large and small, including muntjac deer and barn owls (my favourite). With more hours of daylight now, especially since the clocks changed, and the weather finally perking up, we’ve spotted a few visitors of the feathered variety and I thought you might like to see them.

It started with this lovely lady, seen foraging for food for some considerable time very near the office. She’s getting bold, maybe there are, or will soon be, lots of little beaks to fill…

Female green woodpecker


Then, not to be outdone (and maybe nagged into helping), hubby did his bit, or is he just watching something and pretending to help?

Male Green Woodpecker

Can you spot the difference between the male and female?

Just as we were becoming accustomed to Mr & Mrs Woodpecker, along came a different beast, no less interesting, though a rather different shape. A French partridge (red-legged partridge), seen here patrolling the fence, maybe eyeing up some young vegetables.

red legged Partridge

We also get the usual suspects, which seem to be mainly blackbirds at the moment, with males jealously guarding their territories. It’s heartening to see and hear all the birds and it feels as though spring is really here, at long last. It’s a joy to watch the changing scenery when I glance up from my desk, especially at this time of year when everything is coming alive again after winter. I think this has to be my favourite time of year.