If you’re like me and enjoy the travelling as well as the arriving at your destination, then there’s some news I thought I’d share with you.

In times gone past, the train from Alausi to the famous Devil’s Nose in Ecuador was a bit of a bone-shaker!!!. Comfort was not the name of the game, which is a shame, as it detracted from the real reason to make this journey – the spectacular views!

Since April 2012 the game has changed with the introduction of all-new rolling stock. Not only are the windows, quite frankly, enormous, but the train’s suspension has been upgraded. Tren Ecuador is also launching new Standard and Standard Plus services on the new carriages. Standard fare passengers will receive a guide and a coupon for a drink in the cafeteria car, while Standard Plus ticketholders will enjoy in-seat service. Together with air conditioning, this experience is something you’d kick yourself if you missed.