Tracy Edwards

I’ve been toying with the idea of climbing Kilimanjaro for a few years and now that the opportunity to climb Kili with a group of Tribes clients on the Discovery Tour of Kilimanjaro, I have jumped (or should that be hesitantly hopped!) at the chance to do it. I have to be honest, I am apprehensive about the actual climb but I am looking forward to the feeling of being able to say to people (and myself) that I’ve done it.   My parents climbed it successfully a few years ago and a number of my colleagues have done it so it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is and get up there!

Having booked numerous clients on the climb for a number of years, I’ve got a fairly good grasp of what to expect but I do still have concerns, two in particular; the freezing cold and my feet/boots!


Anyone who knows me will tell you my blood doesn’t flow properly. My feet, hands and nose are always cold and I mean ice-cold! Winter, summer, doesn’t matter, always cold, cold, cold! Nothing warms them and I am not going to have my cosy electric blanket on the slopes. Although, one good thing is that my husband Ryan is doing the climb with me so I will just have to put my cold hands and feet on him!  (I bet he can’t wait!)

The second thing that terrifies me is wearing decent boots that won’t give me blisters. I did my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award some (many!) years ago and wound up walking in boots that didn’t fit me properly. The blisters on my heels were horrendous and it made my whole walking experience a nightmare – and that was only in the Lake District!! This time around I am sure it’s going to be somewhat harder.

If anybody has any tips or hints about getting good fitting boots then please let me know!

Ryan and I have been given the opportunity to train with Jay of The Barn300, a local ‘freestyle fitness’ centre.  We naively thought it was going to be a nice cosy gym with lots of leisurely machines to use.  But no – our initial sessions are taking place in a muddy field and it’s boot camp training. We started training this week and we’ve found muscles I’d forgotten I had, but I do have to say it was brilliant fun if anyone can get us into shape then Jay can! I’ll let you know how our progress goes – if we make it!

Tracy Edwards

Tracy Edwards

Tracy joined the team in October 2009. Having been born and spent her youth in South Africa, the draw of the animals, the people and wilds of Africa have always run through her veins. After studying Leisure & Tourism at university, she began her career in travel. Her delight at being able to plan the perfect trip for one of her clients is palpable.