Polly Nightingale

Waking up to darkness is one of the worst things about this time of year, although it does at least mean that I get a chance to glimpse the sunrise, if I can even see the sun through the clouds.  There’s no denying that watching the sun climb up over the horizon is mesmerising. The light changes before your eyes and a new day is born. It really is worth getting up for and has to be the best way to start your day.

So what’s your favourite sunrise view? Hills and mountains are popular, as are beaches and lakes – there’s something special about those reflections in the water. There are iconic sites, too, best seen by sunrise, which leave indelible memories.

We all have our own favourites (you’re allowed more than one!). Personally, standing bundled up in my warmest clothes in the dark watching for those first few rays and then the explosion of light as the sun appeared over the horizon in Haleakala (Maui) is pretty hard to beat.

Reading some of our clients’ comments on their recent travels, it’s clear that sunrises are a cherished memory, a poignant fusion of a magnificent sight and a special location. The memories are intensely personal, too. Here are a few to ponder.

Sunrise with coffee on the beach at Matemwe (Zanzibar). – David Fellingham & Jane Penn – Tanzania July 2013


Machu Picchu at dawn

Coming through the Sun Gate and seeing Machu Picchu at sunrise at the end of the Inca Trail was worth getting up at 4am for. – Lin Chandler (& Sue Lariat) – Peru, August 2013


Brazil Amazon sunrise

Watching the sunrise on a 50 metre high platform above the Amazon canopy. – Christopher Van Vliet & Elizabeth Webb – Brazil, August 2013

The Taj Mahal is sublime and must be visited at sunrise for the best experience. – Paul Doe – India

We at Tribes have our own memories, too.

The sun came up while we were still climbing (Kilimanjaro) and it was a welcome relief from the cold and lit up the path we still had to climb. – Tracy

Great views from Sarangkot at sunrise. It is a big hill closer to the mountains than Pokhara town.  Leave hotel at about 5am and it takes about 30 minutes to get to top. – Amanda- Nepal 2011, Pokhara

Woke this morning just before dawn, wanted to stay in bed but forced myself up for my last African sunrise for a while………… and it was worth it!  Orange glow as the sun lit up the sky and slowly rose behind tall palm trees. – Jules – Botswana 2005

If any of these have whetted your appetite we’ll be only too happy to help you find your own perfect sunrise.  It’s out there waiting for you!