Tracy Edwards

Here is the next installment of My Kilimanjaro Challenge! You’ve already read about the challenge I am undertaking in June, but now I should give you a little background info on me and introduce you to two of the people joining me on the trek! Introducing the Tribal Trio……!

Tracy and Ryan

Tracy Edwards – I’m 31 years old and have been a diehard Africa fan for many years! I’ve worked in the travel industry for a while now and have specialised in Africa for the last 5 years. Hiking has never been a passion of mine, especially since I did my Duke of Edinburgh Award many years ago with a 4 day hike around the Lake District, ending up with blisters from ill-fitting walking boots and a wasp sting. But we send a number of our clients to Kili each year who return exhausted but extremely proud of their achievement.  Not only that, my parents made it to the summit and if they can do it (in their 50s!), so can I.   I also have a fitness-fiend of a sister who regularly does marathons and has recently completed an Ironman, who will never let me live it down if I don’t at least try to get to the top!

Ryan Smith – Ryan is my husband. He is 29 years old and is a born and bred ‘saffa’ (South African). He shares my passion forAfrica and like me, hiking is not something he really enjoys, but the challenge of climbing the world’s highest free-standing mountain is one he couldn’t refuse. However, I think Ryan’s toughest challenge is going to be the food! He is quite the ‘foodie’ in that he does most (or all) of the cooking at home and on the off-chance I do cook, he is not far away offering ‘suggestions’ on how it should be done.  It’s going to be quite interesting to see how he copes with others doing ALL the cooking!


Sally Thompson – Sally is a friend who I met when she did some marketing work for Tribes.  She is 38 and a single mum to two little kiddies, Wilf (5) and Tess (3).  Sally does a lot for local charity Camille’s Appeal (supporting children with brain tumours) and when she heard I was going to be climbing Kilimanjaro she jumped at the chance to join me to raise money for the charity.  A month after agreeing to the challenge and having done some research, she is slightly more daunted by the prospect of the climb, especially the minus temperatures we are likely to experience but she has invested in the boots and is focussing on raising the sponsorship.  Coming with her on the climb will be her sons Class 1 toys, Spike and Julia.  More accustomed to trips to the zoo and the local park, she is hoping that Spike and Julia will provide some warmth and companionship on the chilly nights!!

If you fancy joining us on the trek then please do get in touch on 01728685971 or email me at, the more the merrier.

Tracy Edwards

Tracy Edwards

Tracy joined the team in October 2009. Having been born and spent her youth in South Africa, the draw of the animals, the people and wilds of Africa have always run through her veins. After studying Leisure & Tourism at university, she began her career in travel. Her delight at being able to plan the perfect trip for one of her clients is palpable.