Push ups!

Our training continues on My Kilimanjaro Challenge! So, the first few weeks of our boot camp training sessions have been completed! With what feels like thousands of sit ups, squats, push ups, dreaded burpees, plus a load of more of Jay’s ‘toys’ (scaffold poles, tractor tyres, jerry cans and more), I honestly thought I would hate these sessions but have found quite the opposite!  Here we are with Jay, our trainer from The Barn300.

I can tell you honestly that we’re already feeling the difference in a good way. The first week was certainly the hardest in terms of how our bodies felt afterwards – the words ‘been run over by a steamroller’ came up a few times!  We’ve done a few more sessions (Sal and I attempting burpee repetitions) and are finding our bodies are starting to adjust and build more stamina. As Jay knows, we still have a fair way to go but we’re certain his encouragement and sergeant major style approach, and our determination, will help drive us to the summit!

A Pingo

The next stage of our training is adding some walks to break in our boots and here I am on my first attempt, a 6 mile walk on the Great Eastern Pingo Trail (exotic I here you say….!).  I’ll be honest I am not that interested in Pingos (circular ponds created in the ice age when water beneath the surface froze, pushing the soil up to create the hillocks which have long since collapsed) but the walk is very good for uneven terrain through the forests and farmlands, giving my poor boots one hell of a break-in. I am pleased to report it was a success! No blisters, bruises or pain. Kilimanjaro here we come!

Tracy Edwards

Tracy joined the team in October 2009. Having been born and spent her youth in South Africa, the draw of the animals, the people and wilds of Africa have always run through her veins. After studying Leisure & Tourism at university, she began her travel career in travel. Her delight at being able to plan the perfect trip for one of her clients is palpable.