The cold, wet, frosty tentacles of winter are slowly stretching out now.  And somehow the dark morning school run and commute seem all the more tedious for it.  Such a sharp contrast to my homeland, where my tribe’s alarm clock is a staggering 450 species strong bird chorus, waking them to cool, crisp mornings where dew drops melt away as the African sun rises and casts out warmth and light.

My name is Boniface Ole Mpario and I am a senior elder from the Maasai tribe and for generations my tribe have been the keepers of the Maasai Mara.    It is with great honour that I will be leading a Tribes tour early next year.

Since living in England I have seen much mis-information about my homeland and people.  During my time leading wildlife/photography tours in the Maasai Mara I have also experienced an increasing interest from Western clients about my tribe.

This recognition and new found respect for the old traditions of my tribe have inspired me to design and lead a tour that allows you to spend time with the real Maasai in their villages and homes, experiencing daily activities and learning new skills.  The tour provides a wonderful opportunity for me to show you how the Maasai live today and to explain the traditions and cultural ceremonies that are so intrinsic to my tribe.

Maasia village

What makes this tour special?

Well, it is the first of its kind and I have personally selected the villages you’ll be visiting  and discussed and planned an itinerary with the village elders that has never been offered in the Maasai Mara before.

What makes the tour extra special?

That’s easy – the amazing spectacle of the Maasai Mara and its vast array of wildlife.  It would be entirely remiss of me to lead you on a tour to the Maasai Mara and not find some time for you to enjoy the wildlife too!  Safaris across Africa have been scaled down to the so called “Big Five”.  Forgive me, but I hate the term because of its hunting affiliation.

I want to give you a Safari experience far removed from the mass market tours, I’ll teach how the Maasai track game, the medicinal benefits of plants, how to distinguish bird calls, I might even show you the tree a buffalo once chased me up and recount the story around the evening camp fire!

If you’d like to visit Kenya and really get to know more of Maasai life, as well as getting close to the wildlife of the Masai Mara.  Consider joining our ‘The Maasai and the Mara’ tour in February 2014.