Travelling solo may seem like a daunting prospect. Admittedly there are certain destinations that are just geared up for solo travellers and others…well, not quite. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to 76 countries and 40 of these as a solo but for every country that is easy to travel to, there are some that just aren’t and for those, I recommend taking a group tour.

Local guides know the best places to go and the areas to avoid and give you that added security of travelling to a country that you may feel intrepid travelling to by yourself.

Which countries should you use a guide in? Here’s my pick:


Travelling through Africa is not easy as a solo and this is a country where a local guide is best. I travelled to Botswana and Malawi on an overland tour. If you’ve never been to Africa, you have to go to Malawi. Known as the heart of Africa, Malawi is one of my favourite places. It’s so lush with a lake a third of the size of the country, sandy beaches and sugar plantations. Then there’s Botswana; the friendliest border crossing I have ever been through. A trip to the Okavango Delta will get you up close with the animals and you can sleep under the stars with the sound of hippos nearby.

My highlight – the walking safari in the Delta

Giraffe - taken by GirlaroundtheGlobe

Giraffe – taken by GirlaroundtheGlobe


You can’t travel to Bhutan unless you’re personally invited to the country or on a tour. I visited the Land of the Thunder Dragon on a four day trip through this fascinating little country. This Kingdom is completely different to any other country I have ever been to and you get a real sense of peace as you land in its capital, Paro. You really have to be into culture here as each tour will lead you around temples and monasteries and teach you about their Tibetan Buddhism roots.

My highlight – the Tiger Nest monastery.


Tiger Nest Monastery – Bhutan


I spent a month teaching English to Tibetan nuns and exploring the country in my time off. The country is a blend of religions: Hindus and Buddhists and exploring each temple gives an insight into each culture. You can’t go to Nepal though without experiencing some trekking. I chose to yoga trek in Pokhara but if you prefer normal trekking then the Everest base camp and Annapurna ranges are the places to be.

My highlight – Trekking in Pokhara.

Fishtail - taken by GirlaroundtheGlobe

Fishtail – taken by GirlaroundtheGlobe

The Middle East

If you’re travelling solo and especially as a woman, you may feel more comfortable taking a tour here. Jordan is an amazing country and you can’t beat a trip to the Dead Sea. There’s so much to see from desert castles to lost civilisations and the stunning landscape of Wadi Rum but getting around is tricky unless you have a guide and private transport.

My highlight – floating in the Dead Sea

Lisa floating in the Dead Sea - taken by GirlaroundtheGlobe

Lisa floating in the Dead Sea – taken by GirlaroundtheGlobe

If you’re travelling long-term, a tour and a local guide is a good way of getting a feel for the country before growing the confidence to go it alone. It’s not cheating as a solo honest!

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Lisa Eldridge

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