It’s nearly the end of the summer holidays.  As a working mother of two young boys, I’m split between thinking “Great, back to a roughly sane routine” and “Oh my goodness, I’ve hardly done anything with the kids”.

So it was with the guilt of the latter thought weighing on me that we decided to head to London for the day yesterday.

Have you been to the London Dungeons yet?  Wow, do it. It’s great!  I thought I was doing it for the boys and that it would be fairly mundane blood and gore and grisly tales. Not a bit of it.  It was really entertaining!
I simply wasn’t expecting  rides within the whole experience, but the new laser ghost house ride was excellent.

My youngest (10yrs, and obviously having a ‘sensitive’ day) was less than impressed as we whirled round, strapped to our seats and 3D ghouls and rats etc jumped out of the screen at us.
“Kill them with your laser gun” I yelled at him through the screams.
“I don’t like this” he whimpered back.
Ah well, you can’t win them all.

At least a ‘Beat the Clock’ dinner at Belgo’s in Covent Garden made up for it. I think. 🙂