Polly Nightingale

At this time of year England doesn’t seem such a green and pleasant land, more drab and dull. Enveloped in grey, I find myself drawn to anything vivid and radiant. I yearn for colour, especially those of nature, strong, bright, life affirming. I know it’ll come with the buds and blossoms of spring, but that seems so far off. In the meantime I’ll have to make do with dreaming of colour….


Yellow streaks across the sky precede the sun’s dramatic appearance. Darkness gives way rapidly to light and the new day is born. By midday the light is so bright it almost sears my eyeballs and I have to hide behind my sunglasses. But still I watch, dazed and dazzled by the glare. The blue of the sky blends seamlessly with that of the ocean, so it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. There are flashes of red and yellow as birds dart amongst the trees, attracted to the colourful, pollen-heavy blooms. The atmosphere is heady, overpowering. Light finally relents in the late afternoon, no longer able to sustain its intensity. The sun is tiring now, sinking towards the horizon. A huge blood-red ball, too heavy, it falls, sending its red and orange tendrils wide across the sky. Finally it disappears. Darkness falls quickly. And so the day is done. It’s time for me to awake.

ocean sunset

Is it Africa, South America, Asia? Maybe a little of each, that’s the beauty of dreams, you can make your own. Wherever it is, it gives me the hope I need to get through another grey winter day. If, like me, you can’t wait for the end of winter, why not get a dose of vibrant colours and sunshine from our website. You never know, you might even be inspired to book a dream holiday to see the colours for yourself!