Amanda Marks

The first time I travelled to Morocco I couldn’t believe how different life was here considering that it was only a short jump across the water from Europe.

To this day I come here to experience a different vibe and to enjoy being somewhere completely unlike home!

At only 4 hours flight from the UK to Marrakech, a holiday in Morocco doesn’t have to break the bank in terms of getting here (especially as the low cost airlines like Easyjet now fly here) and the variety of experience you can have is incredible.


You might want simply a short break in Marrakech itself or perhaps you’d like to escape to the desert or head up to the Atlas Mountains for some fresh air and a bit of a hike.  And there’s also the beach to consider. One of my favourite coastal towns is the lovely fishing port of Essaouira.

Wherever you go though, you can always get a real insight into Moroccan life, culture and cuisine, especially if you choose to stay in one of the unique riads.  Riads are traditional town houses, hundreds of which have been transformed beautifully into gorgeous places to stay.

If you’re looking to really relax, Morocco is also a great place to find a spa – they’re very good at hammams (steam baths) and massage treatments.

In essence, I’d heartily recommend Morocco whether you want a 5 day break or a 3 week adventure of discovery.  It’s one of those countries which you can come back to again and again, and always find something new to fall in love with.

Amanda Marks

Amanda Marks

Amanda Marks is the founder and managing director of award-winning tour operator, Tribes Travel. Having started travelling professionally in her mid-twenties as a tour leader in Africa and the Middle East, she set up Tribes with her husband Guy in 1998. She travels regularly both alone and with her family, and is committed to sustainable travel so we can protect the earth's diversity and beauty for future generations.