Amanda Marks


On a relaxing weekend break in Marrakech in mid-January we decided that a morning in a spa would be a lovely way to spend some time.  We chose to go to the spa at La Sultana which we knew as one of the  best spas in Marrakech.

La Sultana is a high quality Relais & Chateaux hotel with a great atmosphere, so it’s lovely coming here anyway, but when you go into the spa, the first thing that hits you is the gorgeous main room. Under its vaulted, beautifully-lit ceiling columns flank the main pool.  It is a room in which you feel instantly chilled out and calm.


Small hammam rooms are behind intricately-carved wooden doors off this main pool room. Having been given a robe, slippers and underwear, you head into a hammam and relax on the hot marble banquettes in semi-darkness with just the sound of trickling water.  We had gone for the body scrub option, so we  were soon joined by two women who washed and scrubbed us to within an inch of our lives!  I have never had such silky smooth skin. They call this the Angel Skin treatment and you can see why.

After a short time relaxing under towels in the pool room with a cup of tea, we went for a massage.  It was a relaxing massage as opposed to a really deep massage. Perfect for such a morning of pampering.


Duly steamed, washed, scrubbed and massaged, we felt fantastic. We decided to end our morning here with lunch in the sun on the roof terrace.  All in all it was a wonderful treat which was one of the highlights of our weekend in Marrakech.  I’d do it again tomorrow if I could!

Amanda Marks

Amanda Marks

Amanda Marks is the founder and managing director of award-winning tour operator, Tribes Travel. Having started travelling professionally in her mid-twenties as a tour leader in Africa and the Middle East, she set up Tribes with her husband Guy in 1998. She travels regularly both alone and with her family, and is committed to sustainable travel so we can protect the earth's diversity and beauty for future generations.