Tigers in the News (not just for Sher Khan)

Tigers in the News (not just for Sher Khan)


It’s always heartening to report good news. On 11th April it was announced that the number of wild tigers in the world has risen by 22% since 2010, to a total of 3,890. India has been at the forefront with a rise of over 500 tigers over the same time bringing the resident population to an impressive 2,226. Tiger numbers in Nepal, Bhutan and Russia have all increased too, while those in Burma, ranked at 85 in 2010, have yet to be reported, so the global total could now be over the 4,000 mark.

This is especially encouraging as it follows decades of declining numbers. Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International stated ‘This offers us great hope and shows that we can save species and their habitats when governments, local communities and conservationists work together’.    

There’s no place for complacency however, as the tiger’s overall status, determined by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) remains ‘endangered’. At the recent 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation in Delhi, where the population announcement was made, a consensus was reached to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022. This project is named ‘T x 2’. In order to achieve this, tiger experts, scientists, politicians and managers all need to co-operate on issues such as landscape conservation and habitation management, the re-introduction of tigers to certain areas, improving methods of monitoring and continuing anti-poaching policies.

It’s good to know that the biggest of the big cats is on the increase and that so many people across a range of disciplines are dedicated to ensuring the protection and advancement of this most magnificent of animals.


If you want to see tigers in the wild we recommend central India’s reserves. National parks such as Bandhavgarh and Kanha, two of our favourites, offer great viewing chances and have fewer visitors than the better known Ranthambore, meaning they’re less crowded. For more information on tiger spotting in India, or call or email us and we’ll be very happy to help you.



UN World Wildlife Day 3rd March

UN World Wildlife Day 3rd March

World Wildlife Day was founded by the UN at the end of 2013, created as an annual event to take place on 3rd March. Its purpose is to celebrate and raise awareness of the earth’s wild animals and plants. The theme for this year is ‘the future of wildlife is in our hands’, a call to action against the illegal wildlife trade (IWF) which has done so much damage over the years and continues to do so.

It’s a sentiment I’m sure we all share, but the problem is on such an enormous scale that it’s hard to know what difference we, as individuals, can make, or even where to start.

What can we do?   

  • Join a local or national organisation dedicated to helping wildlife, attend meetings, volunteer your services, make a financial donation.
  • Subscribe to a wildlife magazine, listen to and watch nature programmes to keep informed.
  • Visit nature reserves, national parks, wildlife refuges and conservation projects.
  • Spread the word among friends and colleagues that we can all make a difference, use social media to increase your audience and the issue’s profile.

Here at Tribes we are fortunate to know of many animal protection and conservation projects around the globe. Among these are the Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi , the Zambian Carnivore Programme, and Bosque de Paz private reserve in Costa Rica, whose owners are dedicated to protecting the flora and fauna for future generations.

We have been able to design a number of itineraries that support this important work, as well as offering exciting and enjoyable holidays. You’ll find these among our Eco Holidays on the website. Taking part in one of these holidays is another way to play your part in support of the world’s wonderful wildlife.


It’s heartening to know there are things we can to make a difference, and the more of us who make the effort, the greater the collective effect will be.

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Extra Special!

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Extra Special!

Any holiday is special but why not make it extra special. With imagination and inspiration you can add that element that will be the icing on the cake. And it needn’t necessarily cost and arm and a leg. Here are 5 ways to add a touch of magic to your holiday.

01 – Sleep out under the stars

There’s something undeniably romantic about falling asleep beneath a star-filled sky. We know many places that offer this chance, and one of our favourites is a special ‘star bed’ platform in the Kenyan bush. Watch the heavens and listen to the sounds around you. It’s a serene experience. Have a look for yourself.

” Sleeping under a breath taking canopy of stars in what can only be described as a lunar landscape”

02 – Take to the Skies

Soar high above the Serengeti plains in a hot air balloon, swoop over Victoria Falls in a helicopter or see Botswana’s varied scenery from a small plane… It’s thrilling and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear for hours afterwards, still buzzing from the excitement.

03 – Indulge your tastebuds

Food is one of life’s great pleasures, no more so than on holiday. Culinary treats take many forms: a picnic on a deserted beach, a private meal in the privacy of your own villa, dining in a spot specially chosen by the staff, and a full-on foodie tour lasting all day. So whatever you fancy, we can arrange it!

04 – Just add water

Picture this: you’re sitting on deck as the boat floats down the river, past waving people, pink river dolphins, yawning hippos, or ancient temples… A cruise is a real treat, with ever-changing scenery, freshly prepared food and attentive service. It needn’t be ultra-luxury, though it can be, but sometimes simple is just as good.

05 – Live the high life

OK, so this one is extravagant I grant you, but every now and again it’s good to push the boat out. Do it in style on holiday and you can find yourself staying  in a royal palace in Rajasthan, a grand historic mansion in Quito, Winston Churchill’s favourite Marrakech getaway or a lodge built for a president in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park!

See anything you like? I hope so. We’d love to make your holiday extra special – you only have to ask!

Costa Rica Rules!

Costa Rica Rules!

We’re delighted and hugely proud to announce a new addition! Over the past few months we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes and now we’re ready to unveil the fruit of our labours:

You may recall that this time last year I was telling you that both Guy and Paul had recently been to Costa Rica and were both singing its praises: refresh your memory with a glance at the blog: Costa-rica-excited

I have to say this left the rest of us feeling thoroughly envious, and over the next few months we all decided that this diminutive country is worthy of greater attention. Why? What had caught our collective imagination? Though small in size, Costa Rica is huge in almost every other way; in the diversity of habitats, its prolific wildlife, stunning scenery from mountain to coast, adventures a-plenty, the warm Tico hospitality, a refreshingly enlightened approach to eco-tourism, and the full gamut of accommodation from world-class luxury resorts to rustic, family-owned lodges. Whether you want to watch wildlife, hike rainforest trails, whizz down a zipline, stroll among orchids, taste coffee and chocolate, soak in thermal springs or laze on an idyllic beach, Costa Rica has it all. We’ve tried to summarise the many aspects of its appeal here.

costa rica


As we pondered this we came to the realisation that this added up to more than enough material for a whole new website. And so it has transpired.

What’s more, from April this year British Airways will be flying direct to Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, twice a week in the summer and three times in winter. This means that in less than 11 hours of departing these shores you can be enjoying the sunshine, beaches, flora and fauna of Costa Rica.


So now we’re ALL very excited and we’re sure you will be too. Please take a look at our shiny new website, we’re sure you’ll feel inspired and, yes, excited! We’ve designed it to be clear and, we trust, easy to use, full of information but not off-putting-ly so, and with lots of photos that will, I warn you, make you want to be there. Indeed, both Guy and Paul have already booked return visits this year.

I should add that the website is very new and we cannot promise that it’s entirely typo or glitch free, but its heart is certainly in the right place. We’ll be working on it over the next few weeks and months, adding more holiday ideas, more accommodation, more experiences and more gorgeous photos, so the website will get better and better.

We’re all looking forward to spreading the word about this wonderful, multi-faceted destination and planning some fantastic Costa Rica holidays for you in 2016 and beyond.


As they say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida! Life is good!


My Haven of Peace in Marrakech

My Haven of Peace in Marrakech


A walk through the souks and alleys of Marrakech medina can be a breath-taking experience as you share the limited space with fellow travellers, local shoppers and deliverymen balancing teetering loads. And look out for the donkey carts!

Yes, breath-taking. At some stage you’ll reach a point where you need to take a step back and opt out of the street race, allowing yourself some space, peace and quiet. There are several options. Locate a handy bench and take the weight off your feet while still enjoying the scene before you, or retreat to the rear of a café away from the immediate hustle and bustle. Both will work, if only for a limited time, but neither is my favourite.

For that you may have to walk a little further, down a seemingly deserted alleyway which might turn out to be a dead end but then again maybe not, to an attractive wooden door, anonymous apart from a small no. 7 tile to one side.


Riad Les Yeux Bleus – Front Door

Knock. And wait. It won’t be long before you hear footsteps on the other side, the rasp of the latch, and the door of the riad swings slowly open. There before you are several steps down beyond which you can just glimpse a small courtyard with graceful arches opening on a pool twinkling in the sunlight, all set off by the sound of birdsong. Your very own enchanted garden!


Riad Les Yeux Bleus

Walk in to a smiling welcome, and your immediate dilemma is where to sit. Select a shady spot on a cushioned seat beneath one of the arches, nestle into an armchair, perch at the edge of the pool and cool your feet in the water, or seek out the solace of the lounge or library. And that’s just the ground floor!



Heading upstairs there’s a cosy reading room, then up again to there’s a roof terrace where you’ll find several sun loungers laid out by a bubbling fountain, others by a plunge pool, and pavilioned areas with benches covered in patterned silks and strewn with cushions. Lie back, listen to the distant hum of traffic – just enough to remind you where you are, and ponder whether to slake your thirst with freshly-squeezed orange juice or an ice-cold beer…



And that tantalising taste is all I’m giving you! You’ve a few clues there as to the exact location, including some photos, but to be honest, though based on a specific riad (where I had the good fortune to spend last weekend) the description could fit many properties in Marrakech, all offering much-needed rest and relaxation after busy time out exploring. If you fancy a break in Marrakech and think you, too, could benefit from some quality riad time we’ll be only too happy to help you find your ideal match from our wide selection.