Following my post back in January, entitled ‘Why Do Travellers Choose a Peru Holiday?’, which listed a few of the reasons that make people decide to visit Peru, I thought I’d expand on one of the highlights – The Amazon Rainforest.

‘Most people first considering visiting the Amazon rainforest would probably think that Brazil would be the place to go.  Certainly this is a good choice, however it’s not your only option.  Peru is an excellent alternative for an Amazon rainforest tour/trip/adventure.

There are three main areas within Peru which are good for jungle trips, and they all differ from each other in terms of the experience they offer.

  1. If you want an Amazon river cruise, Iquitos in northern Peru is your best base.  From here you can take luxury cruises from between 4-8 days long.
  2. Manu Biosphere Reserve takes a bit of time and effort to get to, but it is really well worth it.  We’d recommend spending at least 5 days here, and we’d say this is very much for someone who wants the very best rainforest experience available.
  3. Tambopata National Reserve gives you a more accessible jungle experience and you can manage a rainforest trip here from as little as 3 days from Puerto Maldonado.

An aerial view of the splendid isolation of Tambopata Lodge

There are a variety of excellent jungle lodges you can use as your base in both Manu  and Tamabopata (Posada Amazonas), and depending where you’re staying, you have access in both parks to clay licks where parrots and macaws congregate daily on the riverbanks.

One last option you might want to consider is a quick nip across the border into Bolivia from Peru. There is a great, albeit very remote lodge (Heath River Wildlife Centre) just over the border which offers an excellent rainforest experience too.

All in all, Peru offers some of the very best Amazon rainforest experiences you can get, so think carefully and get advice about what might be the best destination for you.


Darren Matthews

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