Istarted Tribes in 1998 with my husband, Guy. Travel was our passion and we delighted in sharing our knowledge with our (initially very few!) clients. The company has grown but we remain family-run and independent, and still follow the same ethos: we want you to have the very best holiday experience possible, and we try to ensure that travel is sustainable.

I am proud to work with a superb team of people. We aim always to offer the best quality, personal service. We listen to you and try very hard to give you the experience you’re looking for. Since we’re independent, we are free to recommend any accommodation or service we choose – as long as we think it is good enough. My team and I travel regularly to update our knowledge of the places we recommend, and this expertise is available to you. I guess we must be doing something right as many of our travellers come back to us again and again!

Our Story

Tribes Travel is an award-winning, independent travel company. We only sell destinations we know, and we keep up to date with the places we sell so that we can provide constantly up to date information to our travellers. Take a look at our good and comprehensive website if you’re considering travelling to any of the countries we promote.


We offer safaris and tailor made holidays in many countries throughtout the world. Our expert team are always ready to help you find the right holiday experience, so please give us a call 01473 890499