Mating lions

So, where is best to go for a safari in the new year? I think it has to be Tanzania and the Serengeti!  During this time one of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles is going on in the Serengeti. At this time of year the famed wildebeest migration will be in the southern plains of the Serengeti (and Ndutu) where over a million wildebeest (and a few thousand zebra added to the mix) tuck into the green grasses. Big cats are everywhere, staying close to the calves who will only be a month or two old by this time.

Now I know many people say to avoid a Serengeti safari at this time of year, because it is over-populated and buzzing with too many other vehicles, and in some respects they may be right. However, the plains are SO massive that you can find yourselves the only vehicle on a fabulous sighting with no one else trying to jostle you out of the way.

I was there in late Feb / early March and can honestly say the only time when we were fighting for viewing space was for one solitary leopard. He was in a tree with over 30 vehicles all trying to get that bit closer for ‘the one’ good photo, so we just tutted our teeth in annoyance and left the poor creature alone. We were the only ones driving in the opposite direction and, no word of lie, about 3 kilometers away from the masses of vehicles we came across a pair of mating lions! Yes, we had them all to ourselves (for a good 15 minutes anyway) and caught all the steamy ‘action’, such as it was (make and effort Mufasa!) before the hordes pitched up. How long do you think it took to get the smug grins off our faces!

Each trip is made up of individual and unique moments, why don’t you see what yours could have in store?

Tracy Edwards

Tracy joined the team in October 2009. Having been born and spent her youth in South Africa, the draw of the animals, the people and wilds of Africa have always run through her veins. After studying Leisure & Tourism at university, she began her travel career in travel. Her delight at being able to plan the perfect trip for one of her clients is palpable.