Polly Nightingale

Time for a little fun! We’ve come up a picture quiz all about EYES: big ones, small ones, yellow ones, black ones, staring ones and scary ones…

All you need to do is to look at them and see how many of these peepers you can eye-dentify. Name the animal and, if you’re feeling really clever, the country, too.

Clue – they can all be seen somewhere on the Tribes website.

There are no prizes up for grabs, just the kudos of knowing you got it right!

Here you go:




That’s your lot.

The best of luck and, most of all, have FUN!

Answers are shown below, but strictly no cheating!










Top row left to right:
Lion – Kenya – Mara, Safari and Beach holiday
Owl – Nepal – Nepal Birdwatching Holiday
Aye Aye – Madagascar

Second row left to right:
Lilac breasted roller – Tanzania – Selous and Ruaha: Manze and Mdonya holiday
Frog – Costa Rica – Costa Rica Wildlife Holiday
Giant tortoise – Galapagos Islands – Quito and Galapagos holiday

Third row left to right:
Jaguar – Brazil – The Jaguar Safari
Mountain gorilla – Rwanda or Uganda – Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Uganda experience
Leopard – Tanzania – Selous and Ruaha: Manze and Mdonya holiday

Bottom row
Kathmandu Monkey Temple – Nepal – Nepal holidays