A family holiday in South Africa

elephant 2 from Knysna ele parkMaking friends at Knysna elephant park
As a tailor made travel company, we can of course plan almost any trip that you fancy (within our destination list).   As I mentioned in a previous blog, luxury family holidays are different things to different families.   A fortnight on the beach might be perfect for one family, whereas wild camping in the middle of Botswana could be the perfect getaway for another family.

How about a South African holiday as an idea?  The thing I like about South Africa is that there is so much variety, kids need never get bored, yet it works for adults too.

For example, I think that most families with children over 6 yrs old would love a Kruger, Cape and Winelands adventure.

Really, riding an ostrich?!Really, riding an ostrich?!

In two weeks you could have three days to explore Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, a couple of days in the nearby Winelands (they do great chocolate tasting too!), then drive along the famous Garden Route to Outdshoorn. Here you might decide to explore caves, ride an ostrich (yes really!) or perhaps visit meerkats. After that you can chill out on a lakeshore near Knysna, and maybe go whale and dolphin watching, horse riding or mountain biking.

Then for your wild Africa experience I’d recommend you fly to Kruger for three nights on safari based at a fabulous tented camp.

Learning about the bush on safariLearning about the bush on safari

On game drives you will hopefully see elephants, giraffes, zebra, lions and more. Now that is a brilliant finale to a wonderful family holiday, don’t you agree?

This would cost from around £1650 pp in the summer holidays (based on a family of 4 not including flights).

For many other suggestions, we are always pleased to chat about the many options you could consider, or take a look at our web page for some ideas too.


Amanda Marks - Author

Amanda Marks is a founder and director of Tribes Travel. She believes travel opens hearts and minds.

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