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Uakari Floating Lodge

A remote floating lodge in the largest protected area of flooded forest in the Amazon.


  • Stay in a lodge that floats on the river
  • Communty run and staffed 
  • Explore on foot, by boat and canoe
  • Enjoy Brazilian and regional food 
  • Excellent birdwatching with specialist guides  

The 10 bedroom Uakari Floating Lodge is located in the Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve -the largest protected area of flooded forest in the Amazon. This Reserve was designated in 1996 with the aim of combining the conservation of the area with the managed use of local resources by the local population. Ecotourism is seen as providing an economic alternative and a means of alleviating pressure on the natural resources. The local communities are active participants in the management of both the reserve, and the lodge.

To get to the lodge it is a 1 hour flight from Manaus to the town of Tefe followed by a 1.5 hour boat ride in motorised canoe. The excursions depend on the season, with canoe excursions in the wet season through the flooded forest, and dry season excursions by canoe to explore channels, creeks and lakes, as well as forest hikes. There are also visits to local villages, evening presentations on the reserve, and night hikes/canoe trips.

The wildlife is abundant at Uakari Floating Lodge, and it is a strange experience to paddle through the flooded forest and observe species such as sloths, Red Howler monkeys and the endemic scarlet-faced white Uakari monkey at close range, and pink river dolphins, manatees and caiman swim amongst the submerged trees.

In the dry season when the waters have receded the spectacle changes as fish and predators concentrate around the remaining water courses. During this time it is easy to see why there is a no swimming policy at the lodge!

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Uakari Floating Lodge

Uakari Floating Lodge aerial view

A remote floating lodge in the largest protected area of flooded forest in the Amazon.

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