Southwild Wolf Camp


  • Southwild Wolf Camp


  • See maned wolves and 'nutcracker monkeys'
  • 3 separate camps set apart from each other
  • Choice of bungalows and tents
  • Convivial group dining
  • Watch wildlife from hides 

Southwild Wolf Camp comprises 3 separate camps, each a scenic 60-90 minute drive apart. They are located in the new Parnaiba Headwaters National Park, which, at 1.8 million acres, is the largest park outside the Amazon. 

This is a region of dry, tropical forests, open valleys and 300-600 foot tall red rock cliffs. It is home to the endangered maned wolves, tall, elegant, shy animals, often seen at night. This is also the only place to see the famous 'Nutcracker Monkeys', bearded capuchin monkeys who have learnt to use hammer rocks to crack palm nuts they place on sandstone anvil rocks. This is the first documented use of tools by wild monkeys. The beautiful Hyacinth macaw is found here, often in large flocks of 40-100, which look stunning against the backdrop of deep red cliffs. Red and green and blue and gold macaws are also see here, as are howler monkeys, rheas, great potoos, jaguars and burrowing owls. With its abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery, this is a great photographic venue.

There are 3 camps: Wolf Valley Camp, Wolf Cliffs Camp and Nutcracker Monkey Camp. The two wolf camps have 7 double bungalows with private bathrooms and electricity for lights and camera charging, while monkey camp has walk-in tents and shared bathrooms. The camps are reached by flight to Barreiras north of Brasilia, then a drive of about 4-5 hours. Wildlife can be viewed year round, but is arguably best in the long, cool dry season between April and October. This is a malaria-free area.  
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Southwild Wolf Camp

Southwild Wolf Camp

Southwild Wolf Camp is located in the Parnaiba Headwaters National Park the best place to view the maned wolves and 'Nutcracker Monkeys'.

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