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Lake Titicaca & Puno

Why visit Lake Titicaca and Puno?

Lake Titicaca straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia. This is where the Quechua traditions meet those of the Aymara. The Incas originated from the islands on the lake, making a visit here a fascinating cultural experience.  The area is particularly known for the floating reed islands of Uros, while Puno is regarded as the Folkloric capital of Peru.
Reasons to visit Lake Titicaca and Puno include: 

  • The highest navigable lake in the world.
  • Visit the floating Uros reed islands, made from tortora reeds harvested from the lake, and home to the Uros Indians.
  • One of the 44 Uros islands is a living museum to this traditional way of life, and visitors can see how the Uros Indians use reeds for building homes and boats.
  • Stay on Suasi, a private 106 acre island near the remote northern shore.  
  • Experience the traditional way of life by staying with families on a homestay on Amantani or Taquile islands. Terraced Amanti is home to farmers, fishermen and weavers, while Taquile has a thriving tradition of weaving and knitting. 
  • Shop for the famed Taquile textiles or knitted hats.
  • Visit ”˜the Folkloric Capital of Peru’; the small colonial city of Puno, set between the shores of Lake Titicaca and the surrounding mountains. 
  • Visit Puno’s museum, home to pre-Hispanic and Colonial art, including Moche pottery, Inca silverwork and Paracas textiles or explore Puno’s cathedral ”“ famous for its carvings ”“ and fine churches.
  • Enjoy the wonderful lake view from Puno’s harbour and steep hillside streets or attend one of Puno’s many folklore festivals.
  • When to go to Lake Titicaca and Puno

    Most people tend to avoid the worst of the rainy season from about November to April.   For more information about when to travel in Peru, see our When to visit Peru page.

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Time: GMT-5hrs

Flight time:

Both KLM and Iberia have flights to Lima via Europe, leaving the UK early in the morning to arrive in Lima in the evening. The flight time is about 14 hours. It is also possible to fly to Lima via America.

Language: Spanish and Quechua are the official languages.


Not required for British travellers (up to 90 days). EC nationals can ask us for further advice.


There are no compulsory vaccinations, except yellow fever if visiting the rainforest. Malaria prophylactics are also recommended in the rainforest.

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