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Homestays on Amantani Island

A homestay on Amantani Island on Peru’s Lake Titicaca is a great way of getting to know a bit about the local Aymari culture of the region. The people that offer homestays have a spare room which will be simply furnished, but comfortable. There will be washing facilities of some kind, and a toilet. 

This homestay scheme has been a really great success story for the local community as it brings in an income to people who struggle to otherwise bring in funds without leaving their homes. Everyone involved takes turns in hosting guests, so it’s kept fair.  

Importantly though, it is also a success for visitors too. Of course some families are more chatty than others, but you should find that your host is very welcoming and will make your stay as good as possible. It is often a highlight for many of our clients.

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Complete Peru

Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Titicaca, jungle, Colca Canyon, Chan Chan and Sipan ... this trip has it all. 

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The majesty of Machu Picchu, scenery of the Sacred Valley and beauty of Lake Titicaca make this a very special holiday. 

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customer memories

Julie & Peter

An amazing experience due to the interaction it allowed with a lovely family whose way of life is so alien to ours. Surprisingly good, simple vegetarian food cooked on an open fire in an adobe house. Will always remember using a sink that was not connected to a waste pipe such that the waste emptied onto my feet!

Jane Lines

A chance to see how people with very little are happy and contented and work hard with their communities to make a life for themselves with none of the greed and discontent of the western world.


I loved it but I'm not sure it would suit everyone. There is a danger that the families are a bit like circus performers. I felt that some of the visitors did not show sufficient respect for the fact that we were in their homes. One Italian couple sat in an island restaurant eating the picnic food they had brought. I wonder how this would go down in Rome.

David & Pamela Shadwell

Fantastic to see how people live, the Island is beautiful and the food was good which was a surprise to me when I saw how it was being cooked. We were made very welcome by the family and had a good time with them. To see that there are still communities living happily without water, plumbing and electricity was a cultural learning experience for us. A sad reminder of how materialistic and commercial we have become.

Chris Simmons

I think the time with the Titicaca locals is a fantastic initiative and my wife and I have decided to help the individual we stayed with in our own small way. Thank you so much for the experience of a lifetime.

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