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responsible travel

When you go on holiday you want to be sure that you are getting a great experience and good service as well as value for money. You want a special, memorable holiday.

At Tribes we believe we can give you a tailor made holiday which will bring you memories to treasure.

But what if, as well as benefitting you (and without costing you extra), your holiday could also mean that fewer indigenous forests are chopped down, that slum children get more meals, and that wildlife is conserved?

We can also promise you that you will make a positive difference simply by booking with us.

And not only that, but imagine how much friendlier and more enthusiastic the people should be who work in places which really care about their staff and environment, as opposed to places where the owners are only interested in every penny they can make from you.

The service and experiences you can expect in our top eco-rated properties should make your holiday more special.

Responsible or sustainable travel (ecotourism) is travel ' that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit' *. Who could argue with that?

At Tribes we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to organise holidays which can make a positive difference to the world. The benefit we can each make individually might be small, but every little helps. And we believe that you can get a much better experience because of us working in the ways we do and caring about the people, places and wildlife that we promote.

Below you will be able to read a bit more detail about what this actually means both to you and to the destination you might choose to visit.

Tribes is an international award-winning pioneer of responsible travel. It means a lot to us that we can give you a great holiday with this added factor that can really add to your experience.

* As defined by the 2002 Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations

Amanda Marks

Responsible travel feedback

Tribes has won various international awards over the years for our efforts in responsible travel. We try very hard to help tourism being benefit to local communities, wildlife and environments. But what do our travellers think about this aspect of their holidays with us? Read their comments

Tribes foundation logo

The Tribes Foundation

When you book with us you are automatically helping grassroots projects such as children's orphanages, wildlife conservation and health centres. This is because every single booking with us helps The Tribes Foundation, the charity we back with admin and funding.

The Tribes Foundation is a registered UK charity (no. 1101766). It was set up by Tribes' directors in 2003. The trustees apply the following aims to the funds:

  • The relief of poverty of indigenous communities
  • The advancement of education of indigenous communities
  • To promote and preserve cultural heritage and ecological biodiversity

Money for the Foundation is not added to your holiday cost, though all donations are welcome and put to very good use!

travel forest logo

Free trees!

We plant trees on your behalf.

This is done through The Travel Forest, a project of The Tribes Foundation. Offsetting the carbon emissions of your flights is the primary motivation for planting the trees, but the project also works as a poverty alleviation scheme and also aims to combat environmental degradation.

Currently we are planting in Malawi with the aim of reducing the rampant deforestation of indigenous woodlands here. The trees are a cost to Tribes, not to you.

Duba Plains

Holidays and Rooms with heart

At Tribes we love to organise holidays that can make a positive difference to the world and we like to make it easy for you to do so too. On our website we highlight properties that make a difference, be it to the local community, the wildlife or the environment – we call these "A Room with Heart" and we give them a heart icon on our website. Every little helps, no matter how small it may seem.

We also have "Holidays with Heart". These eco-holidays have been put together to showcase low-impact tourism, responsible travel in other words. The heart symbol will flag up which trips and lodges/hotels are making a difference in some way. It's a good feeling to know that your holiday spend can make a difference.

tribes eco logo

PUG Certification

TOFTigers issue a PUG certification to denote a property's ecological practices, support for conservation and their contribution to the local community. There are three levels that can be achieved: Good, Quality and Outstanding, and it gives you the opportunity to make an informed choice based on principals that are important to you. We have highlighted properties with a PUG rating on the Tribes website.


Community initiatives

We work with many unique and interesting small community initiatives offering you unmissable experiences. Such experiences often bring much-needed income to small villages and give you memories to treasure. You can always ask us to try to include some unique experience which benefits local communities if you can't find this on our website.

We have compiled a short guide to "what to expect & how to get the most from your community-run experience".

Community guide
meeting local people

Your guide to responsible travel

We have compiled a short guide to responsible travel which we give to all our clients.

Responsible travel guide

Policies and Codes that we work by

We have our own overall Tribes Code and environmental policy that we work to, but we also connect with various charities, NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and associations which advocate certain policies which we believe are relevant to the experiences we promote.

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