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Best time to go
  • J  
    Excellent time as the Migration is in southern Serengeti. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good. Good time for Kili climbs.
  • F  
    Excellent time as the Migration is in southern Serengeti. Calving season for plains wildlife, and predators never far away. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good. Good time for Kili climbs.
  • M  
    Migration still in southern Serengeti. Lots of young and predators around. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good. Good time for Kili climbs.
  • A  
    Long rains. Low season accommodation rates. Wildlife can still be seen, but travel is more difficult.
  • M  
    Long rains. Low season accommodation rates. Wildlife can still be seen, but travel is more difficult.
  • J  
    Migration in central and western Serengeti. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good. Good time for Kili climbs, but very cold.
  • J  
    Migration in central and northern Serengeti. Peak season for Tarangire. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good.Good time for Kili climbs, but very cold.
  • A  
    Peak season for Tarangire. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good. Good time for Kili climbs.
  • S  
    Peak season for Tarangire. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good.Good time for Kili climbs.
  • O  
    Peak season for Tarangire. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good. Good time for Kili climbs.
  • N  
    Short rains. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good.
  • D  
    Migration heading to southern Serengeti. Ngorongoro and Manyara always good.Good time for Kili climbs.

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge

Rating: Mid-range   
A lovely tented lodge with phenomenal views over Lake Manyara National Park.

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge covers 13 acres high on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, with panoramic views eastward over Lake Manyara and Mount Losimingori. The Ngorongoro Highlands rise behind Kirurumu, forming the gateway to Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge and the Serengeti. This tented lodge offers first class service, very comfortable accommodation, delicious home-cooked food and a relaxed atmosphere.

All of the tented rooms and cottages are tastefully furnished with wooden verandahs with armchairs and table, full en-suite facilities (flush toilet, shower, handbasin) and running water. There is 24 hour electricity and each room has plugs for charging batteries. The lodge has a thatched, open-sided dining room serving local and European dishes and a well-stocked bar with incredible views of Lake Manyara from the terrace. Guest rooms and the main areas are linked by stone paths.

The lodge arranges game viewing excursions to Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. Guests can be taken on half-day treks and hikes and enjoy a Maasai-led ethno-botanical walk. Visits to local villages are popular and offer insights into the Maasai way of life.

Kirurumu Manyara Lodge details

Open:  Open all year.

Location:   On the escarpment of the Rift Valley, above Lake Manyara National Park and Mount Losimingori, about 20 minutes' drive from the park gate. The lodge is about 2 hours from Arusha. The nearest airstrip, Manyara, is a 15 minute drive. 

Rooms:  27 tented rooms, plus 2 honeymoon suites and 2 family cottages. All have en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water. 

Activities: Ethno-botanical walks with a Maasai, day trips to lake Manyara National Park and to Ngorongoro Crater. Trips to local villages and markets. The lodge can arrange half day treks and hikes. Mountain biking is a good way to explore the area but needs to be booked in advance. There are many walking trails around the lodge.

Facilities: The large bar has a sun deck with stunning views over Lake Manyara and the Rift Valley floor. The thatched restaurant serves local and European dishes. The lodge has a gift shop and there is a laundry service.

Dining:  Meals are taken at individual tables. The food is a good standard with a variety of international and some African dishes. 

Children: Children of all ages are very welcome here. 

Health: This is a malarial area. 

Communication: There is a good mobile signal here. No Wifi, but there are internet facilities.

Lodge website:

Customer rating
92% from 35 reviews
"Lovely lodge with very friendly staff but the road up to it is rather long and torturous. Plus we had a route-march along wooden walkways within the camp grounds and as it rained torrentially that night, it was rather too far to get to the restaurant without being soaked (although umbrellas were provided). Tent was lovely and had the hugest bed we have ever slept in."
Accommodation review from: Kathy Talbot - 04/03/2014
Accommodation review from:  - 01/02/2014
"we were fortunate that we had a room with a great view."
Accommodation review from: Ms. Elizabeth McManus - 19/01/2014
"This was only a brief overnight stop but we did enjoy the views."
Accommodation review from: Debbie and Eddie Stokes - 25/09/2013
"The friendliness of the Masssai staff gave a bad name to warriors everywhere. Great accomodation, food, location and amazingly friendly staff."
Accommodation review from: Mr. Ben Harding - 18/08/2013
"Situated 6km up a dusty track past many people going about their daily life this is an excellent introduction to staying in tented lodges. The view from high on the escarpment is beautiful and changes with the light throughout the day. The tent itself had everything we expected, and felt far enough removed from the reception and dining areas to give us a feeling of complete freedom. The meals are served in a covered dining area with the bar and open air log fire just below. We took a guided walk with a Massai from here and were treated not only to his knowledge of plants and the environment but also to spectacular views - I couldn\'t believe just hours after leaving Heathrow we were standing on the rift valley escarpment overlooking Manyara lake with a Massai. "
Accommodation review from:  Lynn Emery - 01/08/2013
"In a great position overlooking Manyara Lake (10-15 mins drive away). Accommodation excellent, food superb, staff very friendly - loved to chat. Each lodge very private but does involve some steps and a bit of walking. Cheap laundry. Highly recommended."
Accommodation review from: Mr. John Cottingham - 18/02/2013
"our favourite hotel during this trip. The staff were fantastic – very considerate, polite and enthusiastic. The food was good. Mostly, it was magical to wake up with a view on to the park, with birds singing everywhere as the sun was rising."
Accommodation review from: Mrs. Elise Le Mer - 06/02/2013
"It was late when we arrived and our tent was a long way away. The food was good though maybe we were still tired from the journey. The bar area is lovely, with views of the lake and the Rift Valley"
Accommodation review from: Mrs. Sue Holloway - 25/01/2013
"A spectacular setting, with very comfortable accommodation, handy for Manyara Park. The staff were very helpful, but again the food could have been better."
Accommodation review from: Mrs. Yvonne Chapman - 14/01/2013
"We had a tremendous view of Lake Manyara, the accommodation and public areas were nicely appointed, the staff were friendly and professional and all located within 10 minutes of the park."
Accommodation review from: Mr. Ian Nicholas - 10/12/2012
"This was super as our first lodge experience. We had a local walk with a Maasai guide, which was great. I regretted not tipping him better, but it was our first day and I wasn't sure."
Accommodation review from: Ros Oliver - 12/07/2012
"Food and staff Excellent"
Accommodation review from: Marlene Freeman - 27/06/2012
"Loved it!"
Accommodation review from: E Warren - 16/06/2012
"Only one night here but it was very nice, loved the tented lodge."
Accommodation review from: Kelly Butera - 02/03/2012
"Only stayed one night. Would happily have stayed longer. The early morning walk with the Maasai guide was a treat."
Accommodation review from: Eunice Jorna - 27/01/2012
Accommodation review from: Janos Demeter - 08/01/2012
"Fabulous views and really peaceful. Only stayed one night but would have happily stayed longer."
Accommodation review from: Heather McNally - 11/12/2011
"This site was excellent, and what we expected. Views amazing, tent great, food and service excellent. Choir singing at dinner great. Brilliant end to a great day safari."
Accommodation review from: Cliff Taylor - 17/09/2011
"We stayed at 2 Kirurumu sites! Tarangire was very good. A tented lodge and not a classic camp as indicated. Staff, food, lodge good. Location was unfortunately wuite a drive from the park entrance. Manyra was also good. View tremendous. Staff, food. lodge good. More lodges than I had expected."
Accommodation review from: Phillip Haywood - 14/08/2011
"Stunning view from the bungalow and the restaurant. The 'most African' accomodation we stayed at, probably because of many Maasai staff and local people with their houses around, good mood and atmosphere. Wonderful food."
Accommodation review from: Annette Lohr-Happe - 07/08/2011
"Good tent, great location, decent food , friendly staff"
Accommodation review from: Eldon Pethybridge - 06/06/2011
"As above views spectacular sunrises amazing"
Accommodation review from: Leanne Sanderson - 19/02/2011
"friendly staff lovely location overlooking the rift valley"
Accommodation review from: Sandra Bateman - 09/02/2011
"No mosquito nets. Comfortable tents on ridge overlooking rift valley. Pleaseant dining room with local entertainment (including CDs)"
Accommodation review from: Susan Beaton - 09/02/2011
"Very expensive for what you get but still good."
Accommodation review from: Chris Pare - 10/01/2011
Accommodation review from: Megan Kiester - 18/12/2010
"Stunning location at the top of the escarpment with huge views of the valley floor below; unfortunately the views from our tent were limited and obstructed by vegetation. The tent just about large enough, simply but fairly comfortably furnished. The ablutions were brick built rooms with separate shower, wash basin unit and a proper loo: something a little more than a curtain between the ablutions and the living area would have been preferred but this seems to be the East African style as it featured in all three tented lodges.The staff were all good; courteous and caring, had obviously been briefed on our dietary requirements (to the extent that my occasional ‘bad’ choice was pointed out to me (not in a poor way but as caring people))! The food was simple but very good, well prepared, tasty and in good supply (we were always offered ‘seconds’, but always deferred we had had plenty). The walk with a Maasai was an interesting diversion."
Accommodation review from: Stephen Baker - 10/11/2010
"Excellent food"
Accommodation review from: Fiona McNeill - 03/10/2010
Accommodation review from: Bojana Djordjevic - 10/07/2010
"Wonderful. Could not have asked for more."
Accommodation review from: Phil Chetwynd - 05/01/2009
"The welcome and service we received in all of the places we stayed in was excellent. The accommodation definitely exceeded our expectations."
Accommodation review from: Ilana Howley - 21/09/2008
"Very good quality food. Veery friendly staff - keen to share language tips. Local choir and band performed at night.Solar panels provided hot water. Maasai guides provided security at night. Slight 'hotel resort' feel due only to paths around site, but endemic plants made up for this."
Accommodation review from: Joanne Davenport - 26/06/2008
"Amazing! the tents were like 5 star hotel rooms and the views breathtaking to wake up to."
Accommodation review from: Sophie Hoult - 19/11/2007
Eco Rating 5 globes

This property completed Tribes' audit on their social and environmental responsibility. Water usage, pollution, land use, ownership, commitment to conservation, links with local communities, and staff welfare are all researched.

We awarded them the eco-rating seen here. You can use these eco-ratings to tell whether a property has their heart in the right place or not. Places which care about the impact they have on the people and environment around them will usually go the extra mile for you too!

5/5 = One of the real heroes of the travel industry! This place makes a real difference.
4/5 = Caring for their people and environment is very important to them.
3/5 = Making a real effort in some important areas.

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