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Tailor made holidays: Do what you want to do

If you are like us, you want to use your holiday to see different parts of the world, to be inspired by beautiful sights, to try new experiences, to spend time with family or friends, or to meet new people.

Your holiday is a very important time and you don't want to waste it (or your money!) on some mediocre experience that doesn’t measure up to your hopes. It needs to be at the correct time, visit relevant destinations, see the right things, all at the appropriate price – it needs to be perfect for you.

Since 1998 we have planned ideal tailor made holidays for our travellers. Tribes travel is a small, family-run company, and our expert knowledge and genuine desire to get things right means our client satisfaction rating is extremely high.

And by the way... we believe that the very best travel itineraries are the ones which not only make you feel special and help you engage with the places you visit, but which, at no extra cost to you, also allow the destinations (people, places and wildlife) to benefit from your visit. Which is why, year after year, Tribes travel wins awards for sustainable and responsible travel.

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